Steve Kurtz

Business Development, NMLS# 83675

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Steve entered the world of mortgage finance after a 30-year career in Vascular Surgical sales and management when they sold the company. Too young to retire, he decided to finally stay out of airplanes and help people close to his Chapel Hill home where he and his wife Christi have lived since graduating back in 1975. Now when he’s asked what he does, he replies, “I save people money!”

He has four grown children and 5 grandchildren and is a golfer, fisherman, boater, sailor and adventurer.

Steve develops and maintains relationships in various markets for the team. Sr. Loan Officer, Nate Haines, handles purchase transactions for Steve's customers.

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Robby Oakes, Managing Director

Robby Oakes

CIMG Managing  Director
NMLS# 91606

Nate Haines

Sr. Loan Officer
NMLS# 512242

Will Scroggs

Loan Officer
NMLS# 1807923

Michelle Cooper

Loan Officer
NMLS# 2016459