Weekly Update 12.22.22


Hey y’all, this is Nate with your weekly market update. I’m sure it comes as a surprise to very few of you that Bankers like to take the weeks surrounding Christmas and New Year’s off. So typically, we don’t expect a whole lot of volatility in the week of leading up to Christmas or the week after, simply because everybody punches out for the holidays. This week, like most things this year, seem to have been that exception. We thought that things would kind of be a steady upwards somewhat stable trend, but then the Bank of Japan came out and altered its monetary policy a little bit. And so we have seen a little bit more of a wave in markets. Rates are still substantially better than they were before Thanksgiving. They’re in the low sixes/ high fives depending on points. We do anticipate that being at least the short-term case. Hopefully holding on for the spring Market … early spring Market to start in January. We hope you all have a wonderful Christmas, and we will be in touch next week.